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IT security professionals are also be expected to monitor the company network for any breaches or vulnerabilities, devising plans for further safeguarding as needed. In light of recent developments within these respective areas, it listed AI and machine learning specialists as plummeting in demand, holding the top spot in the list of fast-growing jobs. This was tailed by sustainability specialists, business intelligence analysts and information security analysts. With increasing focus on renewable energy as the world how to become a security specialist progresses to a net zero environment and reduced carbon footprint, jobs for renewable energy engineers, and solar energy installation and system engineers are also in relative progressive growth. Since a security specialist is essentially an entry-level position in the large world of cyber security, there are positions you can start out in at first and then, you can work your way up the ladder into a management role. It is a great career to enter as there are several roads to travel toward executive-level roles.

  • As demand for this role increases, companies are looking beyond the traditional degree-entry route, Brainstation says.
  • If you need any reasonable accommodation to support your participation in the recruitment and selection process, please include this information in your application.
  • Review professional expectations, median salaries, typical responsibilities, and required skills for security specialists.
  • According to Indeed.com, the following states had employers looking to hire a IT Security Specialist.
  • You protect your home with locks or alarm systems; you protect your car with insurance, and you protect your health by going to the doctor.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT security specialist job market will grow by 33% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the 8% average for all occupations, placing it among the nation’s fastest growing career paths. According to Glassdoor.com, the national average salary for an IT security specialist is $95,689 based on a scale that checks in at $45,000 per year on the low end and up to $102,000 per year at the high end. The pay rate can depend on the industry—for example, companies such as Target pay as much as $155,892 per year for an IT security specialist, while Boeing offers an annual salary of $119,450. The U.S. Army also offers $4,244 per month for their IT security specialist roles. A career in artificial intelligence and machine learning requires an undergraduate degree in computer science or data science to begin with.


Candidates with a college degree may enjoy higher pay and more advancement potential. Employers may also view a degree as a sign of focus and discipline, core skills for security specialists. PenTest+ is for intermediate level cybersecurity professionals who are tasked with penetration testing to manage vulnerabilities on a network. The good news is, the job outlook for IT security specialists is exceptionally strong—and only getting better. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in this sector is projected to grow 31% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Plus, demand for this role continues to be exceptionally high with no signs of slowing.

Many also offer preparation for a variety of certifications that are highly-regarded in this field. The website also offers resources to help candidates land technology jobs. Some positions may accept bootcamp graduates or self-taught workers with drive and certifications. Employment of IT security specialists is expected to increase by thirty-three percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the 8% average for all U.S. occupations. Security will remain a top concern for IT hiring managers as the frequency and impact of cyber attacks continues to rise. Research and compare top-rated cyber security degree programs online and in your area.

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This year, GHSC-PSM is disseminating the survey to approximately 50 countries, including both GHSC-PSM presence and non-presence countries. Once collected and validated, data will be analyzed and disseminated to various audiences and stakeholders to support program management and advocacy efforts in each country and globally. According to RatedPower, you will need to start with an undergraduate degree in electrical, civil, or mechanical engineering.

The figures are based on the total number of job postings through Indeed.com. For example, Connecticut had the largest quoted salary of $132,911 while Maine had the https://remotemode.net/ smallest quoted salary of $55,159. Students can attend university job fairs, ask professors about internship opportunities, and join IT security organizations.